Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Clean Up

The glorious gifts have been open, the delicious cookies eaten, and with everyone exhausted....the cleanup begins.  Bows, wrapping  paper, boxes, and ribbons must be swept up and bagged.  Above, sweeping was my task after the Christmas of 1966.  I was three years old here, and anxious to tidy up.  A new wooden high chair for my doll can be seen, behind me to the left.  I spy my brother's new football and car race track behind me to the right.  Of course, everything became more fun when you were able to slide around the floor in your footie pajamas!

A five foot tall stuffed Panda arrived for Christmas that year.  See him, behind my head!  We named him Mr. Pops, and he became the grandfather to the dozens of other beloved teddy bears.  Many years later, my brother and I rescued Mr. Pops from the trash, having been banished there because he was considered too dirty to get clean.  Well, after he had a long soak in the tub...all was well.  :)
A big wooden cradle (on the right) arrived for my doll that year, too.  Mind you, it was real wood back then, not that particle board stuff you see so often today.  It was so well made, you could probably safely put a real baby in that.

I'm so happy that I can cling onto memories from a Christmas past.  Finally, in keeping with the latest trends, I just had to make one of those homemade snow globes, using a vintage baby deer, and a vintage Santa Claus.
Hope your holiday cleanup goes smoothly!


  1. So cute!!

    My girls got a high chair like that..But I remember my patent crinoline and my doll's canopy bed..Our white plastic tree..tinsel and the fake fireplace..I only remember because of photos I saw..How lucky you are to have all these!

    Love your snowglobe..It was in my list..never got to it~:)
    You were tall for 3..I compare you to our grandsons..You look like 5:)

  2. Hi Maureen, Thanks for stopping by my Blog today. I wish I had more time to post, as well as visit other Blogs, but it seems I'm always working. It felt good to post some thing today. My Husband did our Christmas clean up!

  3. Love the flashback of your memories! My sister had a wooden high-chair- maybe the one that coordinated with the one you received! The snowflake looks so vintage-y! :0)

  4. Maureen, It seems as though we have lead side-by-side lives. This Christmas post could be my own with my little brother. We wore our footie pjs out from sliding on the floors. Thank you for sharing this wonderful memory. We think alike as well! Your Christmas wreath is so much fun with the owls and especially the red ribbon. I absolutely love that ribbon! You did a wonderful job as always! Hoping your Christmas holidays were all you wished for. On to the New Year! Elizabeth

  5. Your pictures bring back memories of my 3 children growing up in the 60s (another one came along in 1970). The highchair and cradle look very large and sturdy - not like today's, that's for sure.

    I also intended to make one of the snow globes in a jar, but didn't get to it this year - so cute.

  6. Such darling Christmas memories.
    Hope your Christmas was merry and we are on the road to 2013...sending you many blessings for some exciting new beginnings.

  7. Love those photos, Maureen. I sure wish I had some from Christmases past. I was 10 months old for Christmas 1966. :) Your snowglobe is so cute. Wishing you all the best in the new year, Tammy

  8. Beautiful memories to hold in your heart! Happy New Year!

  9. Such cute photos, Maureen, and the snow globe is so charming!!!

  10. Hello Maureen and thanks for stopping by and leaving me such sweet comments. Aah, I love the memories of Christmas past when everything seemed so much simpler. Really like your snow globe too - reminds me of one we had. Sending you very best wishes for 2013 from across the pond.

  11. Dear Maureen,

    I enjoyed reading your sweet memories of Christmas day when you were a little girl - such cute photos. Glad Mr Pops was able to be rescued.
    You made a lovely snow globe.
    Wishing you a happy new year and the very best wishes for 2013. May you have good health and happiness.
    Thanks for visiting me


  12. Ahh love this sweet post! Memories! Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year! xox

  13. How come getting it all out is way more fun than putting it all away? Hope the clean up is going well. I'm leaving mine out for awhile. Such a cute pic of you. Happy new year Maureen.


  14. Wonderful memories and sweet photos.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  15. Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true...

  16. I love your "vintage" snow globe...and your sweet memories!!


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