Monday, January 21, 2013

News Flash Valentine!

Just after Christmas and New Year's Day, I become  some what lack luster in my creative process. However, with Valentine's Day right around the corner...I'm going full steam ahead in my pursuit of creating cute cards to send to friends and loved ones. This one will be for my sweet hubby (not to worry about keeping it a secret, as he never reads my blog ♥_♥) This is the first time I have used the technique of paper piecing, where you fill in your stamped image with designed paper. I think I will be doing this very often, as I'm pleased as punch with the results. Isn't this little girl a hoot? She reminds me of myself as a child. My dad was a avid newspaper reader, so every day we were surrounded by four daily papers. There was the New York Daily News, the New York Times, The New York Post, and the now defunct Long Island Press. Some were delivered to our home, others were to be purchased at our corner candy store. Of course, as a small child, I would immediately navigate to the daily TV listings, horoscopes, and comic pages. As a tween I progressed to reading every printed word. Evening dinner time became quite the heated discussion about the day's printed current between forkfuls of food. Newspapers are just as delightful to me today, as they were those many moons ago! Do you get the opportunity to read any of your daily newspaper? 

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  1. Absolutely adorable, Maureen! Your husband will love it!

    Paper piecing is, I think, my favorite way to stamp. I'm not big on coloring in an image--don't have the great skills others have with that! But I find cutting each piece and putting it all together is very soothing & satisfying...

    Wishing you the most lovely of days, my friend!


  2. Hubby has to have a morning paper! Very sweet card for your hubby. I'm giving mine a vintage one this year. It has 2 little puppies on it, almost like ours.

  3. It's adorable:-)
    I grew up in a home with newspapers too:-)
    French and English..
    And Life magazine ..and Reader's Digest:-)

  4. Dear Maureen,

    Love the card you have made for your husband - they are always so much nicer made by hand and with love.
    Always great to keep up with the news, by reading the newspaper.

    Happy week

  5. Your husband should love the card - so cute and clever.

  6. Hi Maureen,

    Your Valentine´s card is very pretty, your husband will love it. Paper piecing is new to me. Not sure how you piece everything together though. Have a great day!


  7. Cute card. My husband doesn't read my blog either. I stopped reading the newspaper years ago though my husband has an Arabic one delivered every day that he reads. Have a wonderful day! Tammy

  8. Hi Maureen, This is my favorite paper line for Valentine's Day. It works beautifully as your arm chair upholstery! I love that your husband does not read your blog, I can't get mine to either! I think he just hears so much about my blogging friends, he feels he has looked at it! Have a lovely weekend! E

  9. Your card is so lovely....I use to make cards all the time...I must get back into it. Happy Thursday to you.

  10. Your husband will love it, I am sure. It is adorable! I am glad we have Valentine's to fill the emptiness of decorating for Christmas.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  11. Hello Maureen,
    À Nice Valentine card. I havé to start my Valentine decoration! Have a nice week.

  12. Hi Maureen, Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day. You are so good at coloring in the stamps. I have always wanted to give it a try. Lucky are those that receive your cards! E

  13. Hi Maureen~
    Somehow, I missed seeing this post with the adorable V'day card. I think the Pure Innocence line of stamps is so cute and I love the way you paper pieced for this card. Now that we are both retired, we finally have time to read the daily newspaper. I read your previous post and I'm sorry about your Father. My mother-in- law also had Altzheimers at the end and it was very sad to watch her mind slipping away....although her long term memory lasted longer than short term. It's much more difficult for the family than the patient.
    I hope you are well and looking forward to Spring and the hope of sunnier days.
    Take care


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